I’m still able to wear most of my old clothes at this point, but since maternity clothes have that obvious ‘look at my belly’ aspect that accentuates the pregnancy, it depends on the day if I look obviously pregnant or just sorta big. That being said, there were a few ways the scene of me walking back from the grocery store carrying a bag of Cheetos (too big to fit in my bag, and not worth getting out a shopping bag for one item) could be interpreted:

– Fat girl a bag of Cheetos : Oh of course, how do you think you got that way? *eye roll*

– Pregnant woman with a bag of Cheetos : Well of course, that’s okay. *knowing smile*

– Pregnant woman with a bag of Cheetos : How could you do such a thing to your unborn child!? *horrified look*

But they’re natural Cheetos, so that makes it okay, right?

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