I’m in a very ‘make it one day at a time’ mood right now. I’m officially cutting my hours to part-time in July (almost a birthday present to myself), but in the meantime my already short-staffed company is down one person for an entire month. One going-to-be-intense month at work.

Last night near 7 my phone popped up a notification to tell me that there was a six minute delay on my route home, and when I hit the information icon trying to figure out how to get it to stop notifying me of these things, it said that I normally commute home around that time. So not only is my my phone stalking me, but it has proof that I work too late, too often.

Then after work, there was grocery shopping, and cooking, and finally eating except that I was too tired to eat much at that point, followed by the putting away of foods and finally going to bed exhausted. Woke up this morning feeling pretty much the same as when I went to bed.

I’m starting to feel like the first trimester is sneaking back on me – the tiredness, a little bit of nausea. Nothing sounded appealing for lunch today so I ended up at Arby’s again. I’m starting to get tired of that even, but I still feel like my body wants it, so it really does feel like my daily prescribed dose of thinly sliced beef.

I’ve been telling myself that come July I have no excuse not to work on my projects, but I do have one legitimate excuse – pregnancy fatigue is real.

Also blaming pregnancy fatigue for originally writing ‘vary’ for ‘very’.

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