When I went to the endo specialist I realized that he was the first doctor to see my piercing. That makes my NP the second, and neither of them were phased by it in the least, unlike Judgmental Nurse.

I feel like I should have some kind of news or revelation to report but my cholesterol and blood pressure just aren’t that interesting to reflect on. She gave me some advice I already know (timing of sex, ovulation windows), the name of a fertility tracking web site, and an interesting fact that I didn’t know – some women are more fertile right after going off the pill since the sudden stop of hormones triggers the body into ovulation time.

However I’m still on the pill… but with Arizona’s new law defining pregnancy as beginning before conception, maybe I can get excited about my next period after all!

The most useful advice was to work backwards by finding the birthing center I want to use first and then look at the providers they work with. She said to start now but I’m never sure if “now” means “now” or “soon”, “when we start trying”, etc.

On the UC front I’m tentatively wanting to declare I’m doing better but as usual afraid to commit or jinx myself. The problem is when I find myself thinking, “I haven’t had any diarrhea since a week ago!” and then realize that’s still not something a normal person says…

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