Also on the topic of last week, the weird baby dreams have apparently started. Oh boy, I know other people’s dreams are as interesting as other people’s toenail clippings, but be glad I’m not writing about those too.

Dream 1: Andrew and I were having Moira’s twin, and were going to name her Moira as well. Now the million and one plot holes this brings up can only be explained by ‘dream logic’. Like, how exactly were we having the biological twin of someone else’s already toddler child? And how did I know they were twins, and that they were going to look like close sisters, but not identical twins? I did think at the end to ask Andrew if he was sure it was a good idea to give them the same name, and then I woke up.

Dream 2: I was watching from the third person, a couple driving around trying to find a church to have their baby in. I wanted to tell them that I think they were confused because people typically get married in a church and give birth in a hospital. (Typically meaning that’s how you’d expect to see it portrayed on TV, not what is really expected, since I did and plan to do neither.)

Dream 3: My yearly exam with my doctor. It was in a large room with lots of other patients on tables, which didn’t bother me so much as despite telling her that I wanted to talk, she disappeared immediately after finishing the exam. I spent the remainder of the dream trying to find her and eventually crying to a nurse explaining that I was hoping to get pregnant soon and wanted to talk about next steps. The nurse told me something like, “Oh lots of people are on medications. Just do it.”

My actual yearly exam is on Tuesday and I’m taking the day off work. Partially because I expect it to be somewhat like my last appointment with the information overload I don’t want to be trying to sort out at work, and partially because I just want an excuse to take a day off.

Questions to ask:

– I’m hoping to start trying to get pregnant soon. Is there I need to know that I haven’t already read on the internet?
– Same for the medications I’m still on – can I trust what I’ve already read?
– Updates on my recent medical history – laproscopy, replace Von Willebrand’s with unnamed platelet disorder.
– What is my blood type?
– ???

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