First I read an article on caffeine and reduced fertility, and thought, well this won’t be fun… I’m not a real caffeine addict (well, more the I-can-quit-any-time-I-want variety) but I am a tea addict. And by tea I mean specifically black tea with milk and sugar (and by black tea I mean cheap stuff like Lipton that I grew up on), no substitutes.

Then I followed that article with Study Shows Tea Increases Fertility.

The results were pretty interesting. They discovered that women were 27% more likely to conceive if they drank tea regularly and those who drank 2 sodas a day had 20% less change of becoming pregnant. Coffee had no significant impact.


But interesting too… I might be doing something right without knowing it.

However the annoying thing was the article also said, “But as long as you’re being reasonable with the types and amounts of tea and caffeine, it seems like a pretty simple thing you can do that might just boost your chances at getting pregnant.” without any mention of what is the right or wrong type and amount of tea, given the variety of teas and things people call “tea” out there. Earl Gray good or bad? Green tea? Orange Peko?

(On further research it mentions “two or more cups of ‘ordinary’ tea” – YES I’m totally doing something right!)

The most annoying thing though was the comments from a couple women saying that tea is a bad idea for them now since they don’t want to get pregnant. Come on, if you don’t want to get pregnant, you have more important things to focus on than what you’re drinking, and unless you’re one of those super fertile people whose bodies laugh at birth control, it should overpower any effects of that tea habit!

I realized for the first time that I actively dislike condoms right now, because even though I’m still on the pill they implicitly say that we’re not trying…

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