Andrew pointed out that I essentially posted that I’m off my meds, followed by radio silence, which isn’t a good idea given the purpose of this blog. Still no crazier, just the same amount of crazy. Mostly I-want-away-from-this-job crazy, but no pill can fix that kind of thing in the first place. I kind of envy the people who can have the ‘it’s just the 8 hours that pays the bills’ attitude and not let those 8 hours feel like it consumes their life.

Actually this 5 Things Nobody Tells You About Having a Career made me feel like I’m getting the disadvantages of a ‘career’ without the benefits, or the benefits of a go-home-and-forget-it job.

Speaking of careers, we’re waiting to hear back from Andrew’s last interview. I told him when he gets a job we’re going to have celebratory baby sex!

And speaking of Cracked articles, I thought I had myself pretty desensitized to all the horrors of pregnancy, but this 7 Terrifying Things They Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy threw some new ones at me. Andrew already knew about the hairy nipple thing though so he’s more prepared than I am.

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